Artisans Hand Screen Printing Lindi at our Factory in Norfolk. All our Fabrics and Wallpapers are Hand Screen Printed to order.

Lindi design is made up of 5 individual print screens, making up a multi coloured design.

Three colours printed of five that make up our hand printed Lindi design.
When hand printing Lindi we have to use five individual print screens.
Hand Screen Printed Lindi on Natural Hopsack Linen completed using five colours.
When we have finished our hand printing, the fabric is left to dry on our print table and then it is rolled by hand and transferred to our baking machine for it's final process. By baking the fabric after it is printed it helps cure the paint leaving the fabric ready for it's final use, which is suitable for drapery, upholstery, walling our any other furnishing treatments in either Residential homes or Hospitality contract locations.

Bernard Thorp custom print some of our designs as standard rolls of wallpaper made on our Flexographic machine. The rolls of wallpaper are printed and packaged in standard European size rolls of 52cm wide by 10 metres long. We can custom colour any of our machine printed wallpapers.

Some examples of our Custom Coloured Wallpapers below...